Our Story

Our Story

From Wasteland

In the year 2014, the land on which PEC Nature Camp (Formerly Olooseos Adventures) stands was nothing but an expansive wasteland.

The soil had been heavily eroded by successive massive down pours of rainfall, leaving behind bear soil, rocks and boulders. The barren land was overgrazed by animals roaming on the plains in such of pastures. The birds, insects and other flora and fauna had majorly lost their habitat; some died while others moved away to seek for better homes.

The proprietors woke up to the reality that this land was lying in waste and something could be done to rehabilitate it. to become a model on creation care. This would be in line with the Christian mandate to take care of the creation as a central gospel message.

To Wonderland

A progressive restoration effort was embarked on, with the help of professionals, and the place was gradually transformed from a wasteland to a wonderland.

The 18 acres of land was fenced and named Olooseos. Within one rainy season, the bio diversity began to re- emerge. Varieties of plants, birds, butterflies, insects and other forms of life are now blossoming.

PEC Nature Camp is quickly becoming a wonderland, ready for adventure, learning and fun. Under the slogan “connecting people with nature”, PEC Nature Camp is a family run enterprise that will be welcoming individuals and groups to use the facility any time of the year.

A transformed land!


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